Howdy, y'all yinz.

My name is Alex Leeson-Brown.

I'm a Web, UI & UX designer from Nottingham, UK by-way-of Austin, TX living and working in Pittsburgh, PA for Highmark.

Here is my résumé just incase you're interested.


Since August 2016 I have been working on the redesign & restructuring of the Medicare Reservations site.

Most recently I have been focused on improving the UX of the Allegheny Health Network website.


I spent 2+ years designing and building as part of an awesome design team.

The site started off small but over time it has grown to house thousands of blog posts and resources as well as a shed load of other content.

Seahawk Studio

Seahawk Studio is/was my freelance web design business when I first moved to the US.

I specialized in designing and building WordPress websites for a wide range of clients.

Wedding Site

I designed and built my wedding website with the idea that it would be super simple and functuonal for any and everyone who needed to RSVP.

Tony Fisher

Tony is a good friend who needed a small and stylish site to showcase his talent and skills.

Greta Polo

Greta is an excellent dancer and dance teacher who needed a website to help get her name out in Pittsburgh, PA.

She is also a great designer so we coolaborated on the design and build of this site.