Hello there.

My name is Alex Leeson-Brown.

I'm a Product Owner, Designer & Consultant from Nottingham, UK by-way-of Austin, TX & Pittsburgh, PA currently working on Highmark.com & AHN.org.

Here is my CV/Résumé, if you're interested.


I worked closely with the AHN marketing team to build the new My Wish For Moms site.

I utilized Unbounce, a visual landing page tool to build the site quickly. A/B Testing to prove the UX teams hypothesis around page layout & we implemented Olapic to curate social media posts around the campaign.

4th Trimester Book

As part of the #MyWishForMoms campaign, I had to task of converting a print piece in to a web resource.

The 4th Trimester Book was created to help educate on the subject of postpartum depression.

Medicare Reservations

As part of the UX team, I designed the new Medicare Reservations site.

I worked closely with the Salesforce development team to execute the design & experience.

Highmark Employer

Myself and our dev team worked closely with the UX & Marketing Strategy teams to design and build the Highmark Employer site using Adobe Experience Manager.

Women's Health @ AHN

I was the Lead UI/UX Designer on this project, redesigning the Women's Health specialty section.

I also contributed some front-end development for this on the existing Drupal environment.

Medicare Timeline

Our team was provided the design by an external vendor which we executed on to build the Medicare Timeline site using AEM.

We worked closely with Marketing Strategy to understand the business rules in order to provide useful content to customers.


I spent 2+ years designing and building radius.com as part of an awesome design team.

The site started off small but over time it has grown to house thousands of blog posts and resources as well as a shed load of other content.

Seahawk Studio

Seahawk Studio was my freelance web design business when I first moved to the US.

I specialized in designing and building WordPress websites for a wide range of clients.

Wedding Site

I designed and built my wedding website with the idea that it would be super simple and functuonal for any and everyone who needed to RSVP.

Greta Polo

Greta is an excellent dancer and dance teacher who needed a website to help get her name out in Pittsburgh, PA.

She is also a great designer so we collaborated on the design and build of this site.